How to start ProofKit




We created an effective, user-friendly and easy dashboard, which gives a quick real-time overview of the campaign’s performance. So how can you use ProofKit?

Step 1 #

Create campaign for notifications. #

Choose a name for your campaign. Then write your domain name of the website where the campaign is going to run. And if you need include subdomains with button.

Step 2 #

Copy your pixel. #

Click three dot button near your campaign and choose Install Pixel.
In this page you will see some code for copy and paste to JS Code Snippet before the end of the </head> of your website.

Step 3 #

Create your notification #

Click to your campaign on Dashboard page. And choose your notification. When you click on the notifications, you can see the notification sample in the lower left corner. Then click Create button to continue.

After these 3 steps you can go to customize your notification. You can find how to customize your notifications from the list below.

If you need more information please contact with us.

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